18 Şubat 2009 Çarşamba


Eto'o'nun Mallorca sevdasından sonra şimdi de Amauri'nin Palermo sevdası ortaya çıktı. Juveli eski günlerin özlemi içinde, bir gün oraya tekrar dönmek istiyorum diyor. Beni ben yapan takım diye bahsediyor eski takımından.

Palermo'ya gol atsam sevinmem demiş. Bu sözden sonra Beşiktaş taraftarı için İlhan neyse Palermo taraftarı için de Amauri odur heralde.

If there would be the possibility and a plan to facilitate my return, I would consider it. I am very attached to that club and to that city. It would be wonderful to move back to a place that has given me everything and where people loved me like I was a Sicilian. Nobody will believe it, but I got more emotional when I played against Palermo than against Real Madrid. If I am a Juventus player now, I must thank Palermo. I had two great seasons there, people made me feel like a king. For me, the next matchday will be very special from the moment the plane will land in Palermo. If I will score, I won't celebrate. Palermo is more 'Brazilian' than Turin, people in Sicily are friendlier. Turin is different, it's colder. I miss my friends, the people, the beach and the food in Palermo".

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