29 Ocak 2009 Perşembe

Savio Nserenko

Savio Nserenko gelir gelmez konuşulmaya başlandı İngiltere'de. Yeni hocası da övgüyle bahsetmiş genç yetenekten. Benzetme yapmadan da geçememiş; aynı ben...

"Savio is very similar to what I was when I was 19. I was very good at taking players on. That is one of the main differences between a normal player and a special player. You don't find many players with this kind of ability nowadays. Savio is already a great player, but he has to improve on certain things. That's why I'm here. I'm going to try and give him the other bits missing from his game that will allow him to go a step higher. He certainly has qualities which are quite rare in today's football. Taking players on is very important. He will excite West Ham United fans. He is certainly one of those players who catches your eye and we are confident. But, please don't forget he is 19 and he has a lot. He will certainly become a very important player. But we have to give him time to settle in the Premier League. I'm sure he will be a success".

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